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How much does it cost to rent Studio 3E?

Studio 3E is available for rent in blocks of 3 hours at a rate of $150.00 plus tax per 3 hour block ($50.00 per hour). Based on the fact that the studio is fully equipped, we feel that this is a more than reasonable rate.  Basically, you bring your client, camera, any specific props and you are ready to go. After the first 3 hours additional hours are available at $50.00 per hour which is the normal breakdown rate.

We provide all of the equipment needed to execute a photoshoot (strobe flashes, constant ligthing, triggers, remotes, sets, backdrops, etc.). For those photographers who have ongoing needs to rent Studio 3E, we will negotiate a rate based on your need.


We have at your disposal:

  • 5 Alien Bee 800 strobes (with modeling lamps)
  • 2 Alien Bee 1600 strobes (with modeling lamps)
  • 2 500 watt Novatron constant lights (2-250 watt independently controlled bulbs in each unit)
  • 1 – Novatron 4 Head Strobe Setup
  • 4 Westcott TD5 Constant CFL lights
  • 1 Westcott TD3 Constant CFL light mounted on a Manfrotto boom
  • 2 Einstein strobes (with modeling lamps)
  • 4 Foot CFL Ring Light
  • 2 – 1000 Watt Equivalent CFL Fixtures
  • 4 – 300 Watt Equivalent CFL Fixtures
  • 2 – 240 Watt 48″ Fluorescent Tube Fixtures
  • 2 – 80 Watt 48″ Fluorescent Tube Fixtures
  • 9 – LED Flat Panels
  • Numerous light stands of various heights
  • Various Manfrotto tripods including one with a video head
  • Silver Beauty Dish
  • 2 Beauty Dish with black grid
  • 2 Octagon soft boxes with speed rings for easy attachment to the Alien Bee B800 strobes
  • Cybersync triggers and remotes (battery powered, no electric plugs required)

Studio 3E is one big “prop”.


Booking is handled in 3 hour blocks.  You pick the start time and get 3 hours from there.  You want to start at 1:00 PM, no problem.  How about 1:45 PM?  No problem there either.  Book your time online any day of the week.  Once you book your time, you will receive confirmation of your booking, a separate PayPal invoice for the booking and additionally receive an e-mail reminder 1 day prior to your booking with all of the details.

Please note: You must register with the site in order to be able to book time at Studio 3E. There is no charge to register with the site.


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