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July 2022


DIY Boom Pole

Boom…. DIY Boom Pole that is! This project takes you through building a DIY Boom for use with a microphone or any other relevant device. The approximate price point is about $25.oo hover, based on your selection of options and add ons the price can go up from there. This project can go as basic as a PVC pipe cut to your desired length or as fancy as a painter’s extension pole.


DIY Scrim

To Scirm or not to Scrim? For the cost of under $30 you too can make a large DIY scrim that can be broken down for travel. Scrims are great tools for dealing with harsh light, reducing the intensity of and softening harsh light on subjects being filmed or photographed.


DIY Bi-Fold or Tri-Fold Reflector

Never underestimate the value and power of a good reflector! On a scale of 1-10 (10 being most difficult), this would probably be about a 2 or a 3. Supplies should be readily available from just about any art & crafts or hobby type store. White, Silver or Gold you decide.


DIY Photo Booth

This is relatively involved but provides a step by step walkthrough of the process to build a photo booth – from design to the actual build. The video is pretty long but also covers a tremendous amount of detail regarding the build, setup and use.


DIY Photo Booth

This is relatively involved but also seems pretty cost effective compared to the cost of purchasing a turnkey photo booth. Pretty innovative to say the least!


DIY PVC Light Stand

This is very much a keep it simple DIY PVC light stand. What’s to say? It’s light, parts are readily available and you can break it down making it portable.


DIY Fluorescent Setup Using T8 Bulbs

We previously featured a DIY lighting setup that used T12 bulbs, in fact we have a full setup in the studio which works great. This video takes things a step further by leveraging newer T8 technology. Better efficiency, more lumens…what’s not to like – they’re not your grandparents fluorescent tubes!


DIY Speedlight Boom Pole

I have to hand it to this guy for his innovation. It hopefully does not happen often to you, but there is nothing quite worse than getting to a shoot and realizing that some piece of gear did not make it to the location. In this case, the photographer was missing his boom stand – and what he did in a pinch to remedy the situation was pretty slick.

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