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October 2022

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Studio 3E provides just about everything you need to create your art.  That is what it is all about!  Time is booked in 3 hour blocks at $150.00 plus tax.  That’s only $50.00 per hour plus tax.

We have at your disposal:

  • 5 Alien Bee 800 Strobes (with modeling lamps)
  • 2 Alien Bee 1600 Strobes (with modeling lamps)
  • 2 – 500 Watt Novatron Constant Lights (2-250 watt independently controlled bulbs in each unit)
  • 1 – Novatron 4 Head Strobe Setup
  • Westcott SpiderLites (4-TD5 & 1 TD3)
  • 2 – Einsteins
  • 4 Foot Ring Light
  • 2 – 1000 Watt Equivalent CFL Fixtures
  • 4 – 300 Watt Equivalent CFL Fixtures
  • 2 – 240 Watt Fluorescent Tube Fixtures
  • 2 – 80 Watt Fluorescent Tube Fixtures
  • 4 – LED Flat Panels
  • Numerous light stands of various heights including a heavy duty Manfrotto boom stand
  • Various tripods
  • Silver Beauty Dish
  • 2 Beauty Dish with optional grid
  • 2 Octagon soft boxes with speed rings for easy attachment to the Alien Bee strobes
  • Cyber Sync triggers and remotes
  • Large 5 in 1 reflector
  • Backdrops
  • Miscellaneous Fabrics

Studio 3E is one big “prop”.

Booking is done in 3 hour blocks.  You pick the start time and get 3 hours from there. You want to start at 1:00 PM, no problem. How about 1:45 PM?  No problem there either. Book your time online any day of the week. Once you book your time, you will receive confirmation of your booking and additionally receive an e-mail reminder 1 day prior to your booking. A 3 hour booking includes your setup & cleanup. If you feel that you need additional time, either request and additional hour, book a second slot or contact us if you are not sure. The studio is not responsible if your client is late, however we will attempt to accommodate you if it is possible.

Please note:
You must register with the site in order to be able to book time at Studio 3E.

Bookings are non-refundable however, bookings cancelled 48 hours or more in advance of the requested date/time may be moved to another date. You must contact the studio in order to move your booking 48 hours or more in advance. Payment is required at least 48 hours in advance of your booking.

Cyclorama Sets (High Key & Low Key):
There is to be no activity within 2 feet of the cyc wall curves. Any damage to the cyc walls or cyc wall curves will be the responsibility of the photographer/person booking.

Guests who accompany you are your responsibility. This includes other photographers, models, makeup artists, stylists, assistants, videographers, fans or other members of your entourage.

Cleanup is the responsibility of the person booking the studio. Part of cleanup is returning items where/how you found them, not leaving hair on the floor and wiping up the makeup room and studio tables if used – returning items where/how you found them, etc. Bookings that do not comply with this request will be charged $100.00 service charge for cleanup.

Power Cables, etc.:
Please ensure that cables are not wound/wrapped in a tight manner. This will prematurely degrade the cables/cords.

Please ensure you are familiar with the proper use of a C-stand as Studio 3E has several to choose from aside from various other stands. On a C-Stand, the high leg/longest leg should ALWAYS follow the boom arm/load. This provides for the most stable setup in conjunction with the proper use of sand bags. Do not swing the boom arm without re-aligning the longest floor leg to match with the boom arm/load. A strobe falling to the ground because of misuse is not only ugly – it is expensive.

Sand bags:
The studio intentionally has more sand bags than lights and stands. The is no reason for a light not to have a sand bag on it at all times. Sand bags assist in preventing expensive lights from falling to the ground and keeps you from having to pay for the damages.

Shootouts with large groups are not permtted without special permission due to issues in the past.

Please ensure that you nor your clients/guests park in the area which is clearly marked as NO PARKING.

Any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Studio 3E Layout

IMG_0482 IMG_0485 screen-shot-2011-04-03-at-9-18-20-pm mg_0965 mg_3281-version-2 Baby It's Gonna get Hot Inside mg_1991-version-2 mg_9077 mg_1730 mg_1739