By Photographers… For Photographers…
July 2022


Studio 3E is tucked away in downtown Jacksonville and located in a an early 1900’s era warehouse.  At the time, the building was intentionally constructed between several competing rail lines offering the tenants access to each in addition to Hogan’s Creek. Some of the early tenants were listed as the Florida School Book Depository, AM Grocery Company, Loose-Wiles Biscuit Company, Virginia Paper Company, Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company, among others.  During the day when the breeze is just right, you can smell the aroma of the Maxwell House plant which is close by.

Studio 3E was originally started by Michael Chiapputo (Photowerks) & Fran Ruchalski (PhotoGuy of Amelia Island).  Studio 3E is now owned and managed by Michael Chiapputo.  The studio came to be as part of a conversation after collaborating on the Jacksonville Help Portrait event in December 2010.  We had both been searching for studio space for some time and were both wanting something special.  Originally, we had been looking for a home base from which to produce our photos.  Based on numerous inquiries from fellow photographers about the availability of the newly leased playground, we decided to make it a photographer’s workspace to beat all others in the area. Studio 3E is the original photographer’s playground!

The timing of the studio being made ready was moved forward to March 26th in support of the Jacksonville Photography Meetup Group’s (JPMG) planned Boudoir Meetup.  Otherwise, we would have taken a leisurely pace to buildout the new studio space.  The main issue was that JPMG did not have a space able to handle a large attendance as well as being able to provide a wide range of sets to shoot in.  Enter Studio 3E to the scene…  A lot of sweat and dollars went in to building out Studio 3E within less than 2 months time.

Studio 3E was built by photographers… For photographers & videographers.

Studio 3E
700 East Union Street
Jacksonville FL 32206
Phone: 904-413-1393

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